Our Philosophy

At Tender Hearts, we believe that children learn at their own pace and the educators facilitate them to explore learning through play.

We provide friendly and fun loving environment which is safe and welcoming for a child. We believe in empowering a child and encourage them to make their own choices. We believe environment is the third teacher therefore our learning environment will reflect each child’s learning and achievements through program planning.

We respect a child’s cultural identity, language, heritage, Whanau and family. Children are respected and valued and we believe in providing positive guidance and extending children’s learning through meaningful learning experiences.

At Tender Hearts, we work in collaboration with Parents, educators, children and community. Our philosophy is to support & enable children to be confident in their own abilities & to grow up as competent & confident learners (MOE 1996).

Our vision is to provide a tailor made learning program with guidance and support from educators according to a child’s need and interest.

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